Waiting List Information

A waiting list for the school year will be started when there are no longer spaces available in a certain age group.

The Day School will enroll children throughout the year if a space becomes available in an age group.

The waiting list is good for the calendar year when you submit your application. Please note that Waiting List Applications will not be accepted between each January – February in order to prepare for the new school year’s registration.

Important information regarding our waiting list process:

  • The cost to place your child on a waiting list is a non-refunded fee of $25.00/per child for each waiting list.
  • Class assignments are based on the child’s age on September 1st and that children are not moved during the school year.  
  • Please note that a due date is required for all unborn children.
  • Parents may put their child on a part-time waiting list, a full-time waiting list or both. Please make sure to indicate which list(s) you are interested in and include payment for each list and each child.
  • The deadline to put your child on a waiting list for the current school year is December 31. The waiting list will be closed from January to February in order to prepare for registration. A new waiting list for the upcoming year will be started after registration.
  • Parents who place a baby on the waiting list and then later learn of a multiple birth will be able to add the additional baby (babies) to the waiting list directly after the first baby listed (you must notify the Day School of a multiple birth as soon as you can). Parents with twins are given the option to hold their place on the waiting list until two spots in the same class become open.
  • The waiting list is good for spaces that open up during the current school year you applied.
  • Once an opening becomes available, the waiting list is reviewed. Prospective enrollees will be contacted based on the available space, priority status and in the order (date) they appear on the waiting list.
  • Once the parent is notified of available space, acceptance and registration must be complete within 5 business days. If a parent declines the space but wishes for their child to stay on the waiting list, a new form and fee will be required. Once a new form and fee are received, the child will be placed back on the waiting list at the bottom of the list.
  • If parents fail to respond to our communications or fail to attend the registration sessions listed above, we will assume that you are no longer interested in attending our school and your child’s name will be marked off the waiting list.
  • Once enrolled in the Day School, the tuition is required regardless of attendance. Tuition is due by the 10th of each month.